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888 Form: What You Should Know

You should be sent an account statement by  the Migration Agent in writing once your tax liability is resolved successfully or once you have filed the Australian Income Tax Return. 1 — Australian government tax and superannuation payments The Australian government is currently processing its tax. The Australian government tax is calculated using  the Gross Income (not Personal income). The personal income is usually based on the Australian tax system and therefore,  there is a difference. However, the Personal Income Tax is tax in Australia. This tax is set at 15% (which is deducted from your  Personal Income Tax) 2 — Australian tax liability. We estimate, if you had been living in Australia during the tax year and filing your Australian income tax in the  year prior to the Australian tax year, your Australian Taxable Income would be: If you and your partner jointly filed a single tax return, your estimated Australian Taxable Income is: If you do not file if you and your partner filed joint returns; Your estimated Australian Taxable Income is: If you and your partner file as one for the last two years, your estimated Australian Taxable Income is: If you have no income in Australia this income tax due is the amount of Australian tax payable on the income taxes. Example — A Single Taxpayer with Australian income taxes to be paid. If you are on income tax in Australia, here are the estimated Australian Taxable Income Tax (before any Australian tax refund will  come in), the Taxable Income Tax you are assessed to pay and the Australian tax refunds withheld  by Australia tax office. Your estimated tax due amount : 3,120,000.

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Instructions and Help about Form 888

Hi everyone, today we're going to talk about the formatting. A lot of people have questions about this document and as it is an important document towards your visa application, we're going to give you a brief explanation about it. um, it's always good to read this part of the document as it explains how important it is to provide correct information. A good part to read is the integrity of the application. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection (the Department) is committed to maintaining the integrity of the visa and citizenship programs. Please be aware that if you provide fraudulent documents or claims, this may result in processing delays and possibly your application being refused. So keep in mind that all the information that you're going to print onto this form has to be accurate, up-to-date, and true. Okay, so um, please don't lie when filling out this document as this is not a good indication towards immigration. Some parts of the A4 applicant details: Question one: It's to complete with your information. - Family name: It stands for your surname. If you look into your passport, you're going to see surname, so just put as your passport. - Given names: It's your first name. So look into your passport and just copy the same. - Sex: If you're a male or a female. - Date of birth: Suburb of birth. Most birth certificates contain the suburb of birth, so please refer to your birth certificate. Also, answer this point for town or city of birth. Check your birth certificate for the state and country. Question two: If you're not from a Chinese background, if you don't have a Chinese car test in your name, just simply put "no." For other options like Arabic descent, Russian descent, do the same if...