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Instructions and Help about Can form 888 be typed

Hey everybody welcome and this is going to be a reading for Virgo it's a bonus read for me druvan because I'd like to thank you guys for all your like subscriptions as well as some comments in my previous videos I truly appreciate and enjoy reading your comments and replying to those guys so let's see let's have this bonus read for you in love Virgo what do we have for Virgo this is a new spread guys so I'm just going let's see how we could capture the energies control sunshine rising and Venus mid June 2022 all right Virgo you have seven of ones this is for you seven of ones as your underlying energy and then that's being clarified by the ten of cups and the three of swords so I feel we're go you've been standing your ground there could have been a heartbreak in the past that has caused you to be in that position where you're standing your ground you may have felt like depressed at some point and then you have risen above that depression okay but I feel that this pain is still lingering in you because it appears like whatever or whoever brought in that pain initially you thought that was your ten of cups you were satisfied or you were fully happy in that connection relationship or even marriage all right but at some point there has been some heartbreak here you're heartbroken okay let's see let's capture the energies of the partner your dealer or the person that you're dealing with what's going on with them right now okay Mirko your person has the star and the knight of sorts your person is pretty hopeful that things are gonna work out they have faith in this connection or / just jet in general since they have faith hope that things are gonna work out and I do feel that this person is wanting to express something wanting to communicate towards you they want to say something it could also be that they want to communicate something related to what they really want because the star can talk about our wishes right so wishes would come about if you really know what you want I think this person is moving towards speaking what they want so they want to communicate that okay we have the four of coins and the 10 of Wands okay so this person even though they're wanting to communicate right now they're holding back for now because they are in so much burden there's so much burden right now about something it could be about this connection they don't know how to you know their release the burden just yet or they may be holding back right now because they're wanting to decide and think about how to communicate to you to release this burden but they're seeing the they're seeing that there is hope here that there is there is hope with regards.


Profile: Amy E. Brown, Licensed psychotherapist & addictions specialist since 1991.
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