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Instructions and Help about Form 888 certified id

Music hello and welcome to the down on the visa Philippines to Australia podcast series I'm your host Jeff Harvey registered migration agent were down on the visa the premier Australian migration agents in Manila Philippines specializing in visas for australian philippino couples we hope you enjoyed this podcast and hope it proves useful to you please feel free to share this with your partner and with any of your interested friends let's get started Music registered relationships and Australian partner visas now what is a registered relationship does a registered relationship make it easier for an australian philippino couple to apply for an Australian partner visa as is de-facto couple yeah it's also known as the de facto visa incorrectly but young people refer to what does that always is it actually all you need to do just get one of those pieces of paver and away you go nothing more to do there before we continue let me just note that this article is about defective relationships and about applying for a partner visa based on a de facto relationship and this has nothing to do with marriage or marriage based visas readon so I listen on if you if you wish but this really only applies to those who are in de facto relationships and wish to apply for partner races so question is is that all you need to do nothing more is that all the proof you need go and get a registered relationship certificate and whack it inland and they go great stuff okay we'll give them a visa no fraid not not that simple however having a registered relationship is a highly useful addition to most de facto partner visa applications and note as I said most because they are not applicable to everyone and not the answer to everyone's de facto partner visa issues okay so what is it okay it's an opportunity to have your existing and committed relationship we registered by your state government in Australia that is as evidence that you lead a shared life there from an immigration perspective it means you can shorten the time that the two of you need to be you need to pack the relationship in order to apply for about the visa based on this relationship this means you can come to recount their 12-month requirement down to about six months now look it's one of those other annoying things does not set in concrete however and technically you could be in a defective relationship for a week and go and get one of these but good luck trying to get a partner visa if that's the case but if you have been a solidly in a genuine de facto relationship for six months and you have one of these they will accept that so you know obviously it is a great advantage if you're in a hurry to get your partner visa Bobst it can also be hard work trying.

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