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Instructions and Help about form 888 genuine relationship

Music getting evidence ready so by now if you've already had advice it means you're very clear about what evidence is going to be important for your application and how much evidence is required it could come out one of two situations after an advice session your registered migration agent may say crate it's time to get the ball rolling I think you're in a good position to lodge now alternatively they may say look now's not the right time or your timings may not be out it might not be right meaning that you want to apply at a later stage either way it's a really good idea to start preparing your evidence in advance now the types of evidence that you need I always like to focus on evidencing the four pillars of the relationship so there's loads of other things that you're going to need like identity documents and things like that but if we focus on proving the genuine aspect of your relationship that is that it's not a fake or a fraudulent relationship that you are committed to each other you're mutually exclusive immigration looks at the four pillars and this is a really great way to get get your head around this and start to follow this when you're preparing all of your evidence even if you're planning a year in advance so the financial aspects that is how do you pull your resources how does the money operate in your relationship it's not a question of are you rich or poor it's how does the money work does the money work in your relationship in a way that has the decision-maker believe that you have been together for the period you're claiming and that you intend to be together long term a really easy way not an essential way so you don't need to run out and do this a really easy way to evidence that is couples that have a joint bank account if you have separate bank accounts but there's some things that you share payments for and you do that by back and forth transfers to each other if one of you is paying for the expenses of another person there's some examples of the financial aspects of the relationship one of the other pillars is just social aspects this is usually pretty easy for people so this is dear friends and family and the people that matter to you know about the relationship or is it a secret so generally when people are in a genuine relationship they share the relationship with their friends and family they tell them that they have a partner they introduce they might introduce them on skype they will spend time with them socially among other people another consideration with the social aspects of the relationship is do you plan your social life together or do you go off and go off your separate ways like housemates so preferably it is that you.