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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Statutory declaration by a supporting witness sample

Instructions and Help about Statutory declaration by a supporting witness sample

Serves as proof registered mail to the governor of New York State Andrew Cuomo I named all rights reserved used to see people who are supposed to go to after him the receipt registered mail receipt see June night statutory declaration regarding me note it I mean so go to a notary had a notarized statutory declaration with attachments for pages next attachment pasta Vettel issued molto Popeil three pages pop a bottle Johnson to the indigenous peoples over the Americas two pages Pope's Holy See message on January 1st 2022 about a world day of peace no longer a slave for brothers and sisters one page American Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples I viewed the door.


Returning from a short vacation in Mexico we breezed through customs without having to fill out a customs declaration, and without even a single question, only having to show our passports. How come?
It's just the way things are often done for US citizens returning home. Sometimes you'll get a question or three, sometimes not. They don't stamp your passports anymore when returning home, nor do you have to fill out a pen-and-ink customs declaration u2022 just that kiosk thing. (Did you have to do that?)Everything is visible to the customs agents. They can see when you left the country. They know your passports are legit. They assume the reason you went to Mexico is obvious (short vacation). You don't fit any profile that would set off a red flag to them. Your bags have been scanned for obvious bad stuff, and probably sniffed by dogs. There's really not much for them to ask that they don't already know the answer to.For non-US citizens, it's a different story.
Why is the Republican party sending out letters signed by Ronna McDaniel asking voters in every Congressional District to fill out a census to support Donald Trump?
She can do as she wants but I will NOT support trump wanting to put a citizenship question on the census. trump wants to know where legal and non citizens live. Many non citizens have been here for years due to their working for a company that is owned by a foreign company. It doesnu2019t change the fact that they are using public roads, schools, etc. and paying taxes to the IRS.Foreign Citizens Living and Working in the U.S. If you are a foreign citizen residing in the U.S., you are required to file an annual return with the IRS. You are considered a 'Resident Alien' and have to declare your worldwide income as well as your non-U.S. bank accounts.U.S. Tax Rules Applicable to Foreign Nationals - FindLawThat is not the purpose of the census. The purpose of the census is to count EVERY person living in the US no matter their status, so that monies can be distributed to and representation in Congress can be determined. Citizenship does not enter into the reason for the census. There are foreigners working for a short time or years living here due to their employment at a foreign company.The information is used to get a broader sense about the population in general. This information then is used to calculate the number of seats that each state will have in the U.S. House of Representatives. The information is also used to determine which communities will receive federal funding, and how much.IMHO ~ Adding the citizenship question to the census will give our dictator-in-chief a reason to withhold funding from some states with large numbers of foreigners. Another way to cause division in our country.
How do I get a good sample of people, only from specific cities like Los Angeles, New York, or San Diego, to vote on my online poll or fill out my short survey online?
What about posting in their local Craigslist?
How is a single-member LLC owned by a nonresident alien taxed? Should I fill out a W-8 or am I deemed not to have U.S. activities?
Based on the facts as you have presented them:You are selling a product, as I see it, and not a service - although there's something of a gray area here, this is more like an intangible asset than it is providing a personal service for compensation. That product is being offered to US-based customers who are using it in the US - your focus is building up your market in the US, and you are doing that under the auspices of an LLC which is US-based. Looking at all of the facts and circumstances surrounding the conduct of your business, as you have presented them and as the IRS will look at them if asked, I conclude that you are conducting a business in the US and your income from US sources is effectively connected with the conduct of that business in the US, which means that you are subject to US taxes on that income.With that conclusion, Form W-8ECI is the proper form to prto your US sources if you wish to prevent withholding on the income from your business.I want to add one point, since this seems to be coming up frequently - while an LLC is a disregarded entity for tax purposes, it is still a legal entity in the US - and the fact that you, as a nonresident alien, choose to operate a business under the auspices of a US-based LLC is a piece of evidence that can, under the appropriate set of facts and circumstances, be used by the IRS to support an argument that you are conducting business in the US and that your income from that business that comes from US sources should be taxable in the U.S. You should not assume that as a nonresident alien you have carte blanche to create a US LLC, operate a business under its auspices, and then at tax time argue that the income should not be taxable in the US because the LLC is a disregarded entity. The IRS will look at all of the facts and circumstances surrounding your business, including your choice of a US-based entity as the face of your business, and while that decision alone won't be dispositive, it will certainly be considered.
When talking to a girl, I try to fill up the silent moments by talking about something of low importance, and that's how I come out as desperate. How do I overcome this problem?
OK listen very closely cause I'm about to break some knowledge to you.When there's a silent moment while you're chatting up the girl, just end the conversation.Seriously though never ever try to fill the silent gaps between your conversations, it never works and you come out looking desperate. Just keep it casual and only talk about stuff that you both find as common grounds. Then if there's a silent moment that's your signal that it's time to stop talking with her.That way you'll seem like a genuine guy who's options are wide and you won't have to look desperate.Hope this helps. Cheers!
What is atheism? How do you support your claim to be existing without believing in a creator or maker? Isn't it stupid to say that you came out of nothing, or by a mistake?
Well, sorry to break the news to you, but itu2019s a provable fact that I exist. You can read my writings, see my photos, boot up my computer systems, read my Wikipedia page, or even go stalk my house in Delaware and maybe catch a glimpse. Or even get invited in for a beer.So already, Iu2019m way ahead of your god or any other god on half of your question, because I provably exist. No god has ever been proved to exist.As for my makers, they also existed: Gerald Demerset Haynie of Norfolk, VA and Helen Elizabeth Clark of Washington DC. And so did their makers, ad infinitum. At least until we get down to a primodial soup of organic molecules some billions of years ago. And we have a pretty good idea of how a bunch of molecules self-organized and eventually became life (see Richard Dawkins u201cThe Selfish Geneu201d for a good discussion of this).But posit for just one minute that I, Dave Haynie, actually came out of nothingu2022 cool! So which one is more difficult to believe: that a simple creature such as I came out of nothing, or that the all-powerful creator of all of space and time and everything came out of nothing. Seems youu2019d need a vastly more unbelieveable u201cnothingu201d to produce a god than a man.And cook these beans: if that u201cnothingu201d is capable of producing such a god, itu2019s absolutely capable of producing a dude such as I. I mean, after making an all-powerful god, the nothing could be busting out people and trees and cats and plankton like mad and still not break the sweat it broke to produce that god out of nothing. And if all you really needed to get me was to drop a few tiny bits of old star together and simmer for 4.3 billion years, we donu2019t even need the nothing. At least not concerning earth.But even if you keep going back in time and eventually need something to come out of nothing, making the completely unseen, undetected, unknown god pop out of that nothing just to make less complex things that clearly any nothing capable of making that god could make directly, that is just making things more complicated than they need to be without the slightest benefit. Or maybe I just proved that god IS nothing. Ouch!And you still have no evidence that either that nothing, or an even bigger something, produced any one of the 5,000+ gods imagined by humans. On other hand, you have absolute proof of the existence of many, many human beings, even if not me specifically.
How do I figure out what percent, by mass, of the sample provided to me is chloride ion, using standard lab equipment in a chemistry classroom?
We did this analysis in laboratory when I was in school. Itu2019s based on the equationAgNO3 + Cl (- ion ) = AgCl + NO3(- ion). Silver nitrate is soluble in water, so you take a standard aqueous solution of AgNO3 and add it to a water solution of the chloride ion containing sample. A flocculant white precipitate forms: it is silver chloride. Filter off the AgCl, wash it with water, dry it out and weigh it. Use stoichiometry to calculate the Chloride ion content of the original sample. This is a difficult experiment to carry out, since the white silver chloride darkens in light. You have to doo all this in a dark room to prevent decomposition of AgCl into the dark colored elemental silver.
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