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888 attestation Form: What You Should Know

AHC Form 888 — Sample Answers Questions 884, 885, 888, 889, 890, 892, 894, 895, 898, and 899 AHC Form 888 Explanations 1. Do they have a plan to commit to a long-term relationship? Yes 2. Do you have any romantic or sexual interest in the applicant? Yes 3. Do you believe this is just a casual relationship with no potential for marriage or serious relationship?  Yes 4. This is a temporary relationship between two people who both want to have a permanent relationship. This is not going to become an engagement or marriage Yes 5. There are more than two persons involved in the relationship. Do you think the couple has the same intentions to get married or commit to marriage?  Yes 6. Are you of the view that the main purpose of this relationship is short-term casual sex?  YES AHC Form 888 Examples 890 — If you believe the couple have been living together for more than 1 month do you think this is temporary? Yes (This answer indicates the number of months of cohabiting or living together that the applicant believes to be temporary. It includes the date of completion of the marriage) 895 — If you believe that the reason for the ongoing relationship is to avoid marriage and/ or divorce and/ or the prospect of divorce and/ is that the reason that you and the applicant live together?  Yes (This answer indicates the month of the commencement date, a copy of the marriage certificate, a copy of the consent order, and the date of completion of the marriage) 896 — If the applicant is of the view that the reason for the ongoing relationship is to try to secure a green card? Yes 898 — If you agree with the applicant that the reason for the ongoing relationship is to try to secure a green card? YES 899 — If you agree with the applicant that the reason for the ongoing relationship is to try to secure a green card? YES If you believe the couple has been living together for more than 1 month do you think this is temporary? 888 — Fill Online, Fillable, Fillable, Blank | filler AHC Form 888 — Form for Family Reasons AHC Form 888 — Form for Family Reasons The form must be completed in respect of each Family Reunification visa applicant.

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing Form 888 attestation

Instructions and Help about Form 888 attestation

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